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Over the years, federal financial aid programs, especially grants and loans, have made it possible for countless individuals to obtain the training necessary for employment and advancement in their chosen career. Without financial aid many people would find higher education out of their reach. It is a national investment with the goal of creating a workforce having the skills necessary for higher wages in fields that are in demand.

Repaying your student loan on time may help you establish, reestablish, build, or maintain your credit rating. Repayment of loans also helps ensure that future generations of Americans will have the assistance they need, for a better future. Perhaps someone you care about, your children, or a family member, will someday need assistance. If you are a student loan borrower, making your payments as scheduled with your lender, should be a priority in your monthly budget. Failure to do so will affect your future financial aid eligibility, credit rating, and possibly employment opportunities.

Please notify the school of any change of telephone numbers, address, email address, or employment. IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CONTACT THE SCHOOL, IN ADVANCE, IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A SETBACK OR INABILITY TO MAKE YOUR STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS. With so many options available and the assistance of Student Loan Services, you can avoid the consequences of late payments or loan defaults. Maintain close contact and communicate regularly with a SLS team member.

  • Not sure who your lender is and need contact information?
  • Want to know your balance or payoff information?
  • Have more than one student loan and need information on loan consolidation?
  • Have you had a setback due to illness or unemployment? What are your options?
  • Would you like to receive information regarding new options available for loan repayment, such as income based payments?

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